Running Online business successfully. 

Hello. Today I’m sharing something which is not directly related to crafting but is a major part of my online business. I want to share a few basic steps that lead to successful online businesses. 

When I started my journey 5yrs back nobody was there to guide me and tell me ‘don’t give up.’ I had to learn from my own mistakes and at times I thought of giving up. But my love for crafting and creating beautiful things kept me going. 

I want to tell all those who want to take up this HOBBY as their main source of income or make it a solid business enterprise, it is not easy! It takes a lot of time and patience along with determination to succeed.

Today I have reached a point where I can guide my fellow crafters and friends on how to run an online crafting page successfully. So here are a few things that I tried and still try to implement.

Create what will sell and take things slowly. 

Make a product that will sell in market not something that you like only. At times I make things which I personally do not like but I make them because I know there is a market for it and I need to cater to that set of people as well. When we start a new business we should remember that our products won’t start selling immediately. We won’t start earning profit from day one. We won’t get famous the very next day 🙂 

Take things one day at a time. Be patient. That is VERY important. It took me 2 years to make myself known within my target market. It will never happen overnight. And if it does then it won’t stay. Sorry. Be patient if you want to see your brand name among the successful crafting names of your country. Don’t rush in. 

Beautiful Pictures 

Just today I was telling a friend to take beautiful pictures of her product. That’s crucial as your future orders depend on them. I will never order from someone whose pictures I won’t like. I need to see what I’m ordering. 

Try hiring a professional to do this job. But if you are short on budget then you can do it yourself too. Take your product outside, place it on something pretty. Have a nice background, find different angles and click! Bad lighting and bad placement of your items will result in poor marketing of your brand. 

Pricing your product Correctly 

I feel this is a topic that has been discussed a lot among us crafters 🙂 but at the same time this is yet another crucial factor in having a successful online business.

I have met crafters who price their products so low that I just start calculating how much will they be earning from it. And trust me I have done this many times 🙈

Please please please price your product correctly. You need to keep a profit to stay going. Start with minimal profit range but do not degrade your work. Love what you do. And don’t feel shy in quoting a price that is worth all the late nighters and hardwork. 

Don’t worry about the people who are making a similar item for 50% less price. Those people are not targeting your market. If you are making high end products then your market will be the people who will pay you what your item is worth. So do a good pricing for your brand. 

Practice and Experiment 

This rule I follow religiously. No matter what profession you belong to one should NEVER stop learning. Everyday you learn a new technique and new products are launched. Do not be scared to experiment. That’s the only way you will learn and keep your followers engaged. 


Maybe this part will offend a few. I feel one needs to be professional in dealing with their clients. I don’t believe in bashing my clients or people who contact me for details on my page. I agree at times we get to deal with nonsense. I agree at times we have to talk to people who are making unreasonable demands. But stay professional. Tell them nicely and professionally about your business policies and terms and conditions. Don’t be rude. Do not bash them on public forums. Please do not do that. No matter how rude they become just ignore. It’s highly unethical and unprofessional of those who speak I’ll of their clients on public forums. 

Secondly,  be friendly and open to them. Reply them with courteous words and friendly manner. Yet stay stern about your product prices and policies. 

I hope I have helped you guys. I tried to summarise a few things that I learned in these 5 years. I’m running a successful online business but this success did not happen over night. So stay strong and be patient. It takes a lot of courage to turn your dream into a reality. 

Catch you guys later. Take care.


19 thoughts on “Running Online business successfully. 

  1. So true!
    specially the client part, i too get annoyed by the untimely, demanding & detailed questioning when i know they are not going to order anyways…. it was heart breaking at first. now I just think of it as people window shopping at my page 🙂

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  2. Truely defined, and very well written Sahifa. I am happy you mentioned the professionalism point, I have seen many people getting exhausted with customer queries and attitude and expressing that to a client, bashing them on public forums, keeping emotions and work separate is they key.

    Liked by 1 person

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