It’s a boy!!!

Good morning!!! This year I am participating in the crafters expo 2015 and have started making things and experimenting with techniques that I knew but never tried 🙂

Will update you about that in another post. Right now I want to share a card I made using some stuff that I had with me for a very long time but never got an opportunity to work with it.

I used Many Happy Returns paper pack to make this card.


It’s a 5×6 card layered twice and then fuzzy cut baby carriage with a pennant banner at the corner. Now both these things are hand cut 🙂
The baby carriage is actually a picture that I got from the paper pack and then fuzzy cut around it. I didn’t want to use to my carriage die as I liked the colors and design of this particular carriage more.


You can see in the picture how I used the image 😀  then I made the banner with the left over scraps. Added a congratulations stamped tag at the bottom and my card was ready.

I didn’t go in a lot of detailing as I wanted it to remain simple. I only distressed the edges and that was it. I’m also sharing with you all the supplies I used.


Hope you will enjoy this post. Will wait for your feedback!!!

Happy Crafting luv Sahifa 🙂


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